Bike Experience


  • Wearing a properly tted helmet is strongly recommended.
  • Use your whistle if you encounter large animals.
  • Dial 911 in case of emergency and indicate the location of the accident by identifying the closest milepost.

Code of conduct

  • Drive on the extreme right side of the trail and pass on the left side.
  • Drive in a single le when travelling in a group.
  • Drive carefully and at a reasonable speed.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Stay clear of the tra c lane during stops.
  • Use a passenger seat when transporting another person.
  • Abide by the indications on the signs along the circuit.
  • Debark from your bicycle and walk across dams (Rio Tinto).
  • Respect the wildlife and plant life you discover along the way.

Manufacturer’s guidelines

To ensure that you enjoy your cycling excursion to the fullest, start the season by visiting your local dealer for a tune-up.

Check the tire pressure and wear before each ride. The recommended pressure is always indicated on the wheel’s sidewall.

Always bring with you

  • A replacement tire tube
  • tire iron, pump
  • hex keys

Prohibited actions

  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Driving with domestic or farm animals.
  • Disposing of waste other than in public waste containers.
  • Driving with earphones on.
  • Performing actions that may damage the equipment.
  • Climbing on buildings or furniture.
  • Sales and soliciting.
  • Holding a large-scale demonstration without prior consent.
  • Installing commercial signage.

Well-being tips and advice

Healthy body, happy mind!
It’s important to eat before becoming hungry and drinking before being thirsty for optimizing physical output.

It’s best to drink often but in small amounts.

In addition to your three meals per day, you should always have healthy snacks nearby.
e.g.: Nutrition bars, fruit, bananas, figs, dates, prunes, raisins, nuts.