Bike Experience

All bicycle networks are paved, with the exception of the Parc National de la Pointe-Taillon and the associate network Au Fil des Rivières.

Bicycle trail
Paved surface, maintained and reserved exclusively for the Véloroute travellers. It’s independent of the roadways.

Paved shoulder
Widening from 1.5 to 1.7 meters located on both sides of the traffic lane.

Designated shared roadway
Itinerary on a street or highway with little traffic flow, officially recognized as a bicycle lane, without lanes, reserved for cyclists and signs posted for motorists indicating the presence of cyclists.

Intra-municipal Network
Cycling network created and maintained by the municipalities that it passes through.

Route verte

Route verte
A marked cycling network linking the most beautiful regions in Québec, which includes trails (paved or crushed stone), designated shared roadways and paved shoulders.