Bike Experience

Need inspiration? Those 7 circuits are designed for all type of cyclists and proposes different experiences on both cycle routes!

Circuit 1

Lac Saint-Jean Tour (7 days) > 230 km

Family /recreational experience

This itinerary will introduce you to Lac Saint-Jean along the Véloroute des Bleuets at a family friendly pace. You’ll travel about 30 kilometers per day, enabling you to cycle and have time to appreciate the various tourist attractions and enjoy the region’s beautiful beaches.

SUGGESTED ITINERARY (7 days/ 6 nights)

Day 1: Saint-Henri-de-Taillon / Péribonka > 41 km
Take the ferry at Parc national de la Pointe-Taillon to shorten the day’s trip.
Day 2: Péribonka/ Dolbeau-Mistassini > 33 km
Day 3: Dolbeau-Mistassini / Normandin > 30 km
Day 4: Normandin / Saint-Félicien > 27 km
Day 5: Saint-Félicien / Roberval > 36 km
Day 6: Roberval /Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix > 30 km
Day 7: Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix / Alma > 33 km

Suggestion for cycling approximately 30 km per day
Day 1: Park your vehicle at the Dam-en-Terre resort in Alma. Use the shuttle services to return to your starting point in Saint-Henri-de-Taillon.
Day 7: On the last day you’ll visit the Centre de villégiature la Dam-en-Terre where a host of activities are available.

Circuit 2

Baie des Ha! Ha! / La Baie > 14 km

Family/ recreational experience

This family friendly outing combines cycling and attractions. Pedal along the Baie des Ha!Ha! dans discover the majestic marine environment. Learn more about the Saguenay Fjord by visiting the Musée du Fjord.

Departure: Musée du Fjord, 3346 boul. de la Grande-Baie Sud, La Baie, direction to Laurier-Simard wharf


Stop 1: Viewpoint from Laurier-Simard wharf > 500 m
Stop 2: Take the bike path direction to the Musée du Fjord and continue to the Bagotville Wharf > 5 km
Arrival: Back to the Musée du Fjord > 4,5 km

Chemin St-Joseph > 4 km

Option for families with teenagers: Pass by the Bagotville wharf, cycling along the Fromagerie Boivin (cheesemaker), chemin Saint-Joseph.


Take the paved shoulder that stretches along the Baie des Ha!Ha! You’ll find yourself amidst farmlands in an agricultural sector. At the intersection, continue along chemin Saint-Joseph. The cheese factory will be on the right-hand side! A perfect place for picknicking and stocking up on fresh curd cheese made daily. Return to the Port of Saguenay.





Circuit 3

Lac-Saint-Jean Tour (5 days) > 256 km

Touring cyclist experience

This itinerary offers the chance to cycle the Véloroute des Bleuets for 256 km and is perfect for touring cyclists. Cycle 50 km per day around Lac Saint-Jean while enjoying the many regional attractions throughout the day.

Departure/ Arrival: Centre de villégiature Dam-en-Terre, 1385, ch. de la Marina, Alma


Day 1: Alma/ Sainte-Monique > 50 km
Day 2: Sainte-Monique/ Dolbeau-Mistassini > 49 km
Day 3: Dolbeau-Mistassini/ Saint-Félicien > 57 km
Day 4: Saint-Félicien/ Chambord > 50 km
Day 5: Chambord/ Alma > 50 km

Option for family with teenagers:
A perfect occasion to add a day and cycle the loop of the Albanel associate cycling network toward Girardville. You’ll see magnificent waterfalls, breathe in the fresh country air and savour the wild blueberries towards the end of July.

Circuit 4

Saguenay, company town (1 day) > 63 km

Touring cyclist experience

Chicoutimi/ Jonquière/ Lac Kénogami

From the Saguenay River to Lac Kénogami, this circuit is infused with historic character! Throughout the course, you’ll see facilities reminiscent of the wood and aluminum industrie’s impact on the region. Starting at the Pulperie, you’ll see the Rio Tinto works in Arvida, the worker’s neighborhoods in a period setting from the last century, the Produits forestiers Resolu plant and the hydro dam in Jonquière, which you’ll cross over. The arrival point is the Chalet des retraités Price.

Departure: La Pulperie/ Regional Museum, 300 rue Dubuc, Chicoutimi


Stop 1: Lac Kénogami (Section 19) > 27 km
Stop 2: Shipshaw (Section 19A) > 14 km
Arrival: Back to La Pulperie > 22 km

Option: La route des bâtisseurs > 24 km (48 km roundtrip)

Circuit 5

Lac Saint-Jean Tour (3 days) > 256 km

Performance cyclist experience

This itinerary suggestion enables you to cycle the Véloroute des Bleuets’ 256 km in a performance cyclist setting. You’ll complete the tour of the Lac-Saint-Jean in 3 days.

Departure/ Arrival: Centre de villégiature Dam-en-Terre, 1385, ch. de la Marina, Alma


Day 1: Alma/ Dolbeau-Mistassini > 100 km
Day 2: Dolbeau-Mistassini/ Roberval > 93 km
Day 3: Roberval/ Alma > 63 km


Circuit 6

The Fjord Tour (3 days) > 330 km

Performance cyclist experience

Starting in Chicoutimi, here is a unique course in Québec, comparable to the ascent of Mont Blanc! 330 kilometers over a hilly course with over 3,500 meters of elevation gain is waiting for you.

Departure/ Arrival: Tourist information office, 295, rue Racine Est, District of Chicoutimi


Day 1: Saguenay (Chicoutimi)/ L’Anse-Saint-Jean > 90 km
Elevation gain: 1545 m

Day 2: L’Anse-Saint-Jean/ Tadoussac > 113 km
Elevation gain: 1536 m

Day 3: Tadoussac/ Saguenay (Chicoutimi) > 127 km
Elevation gain: 1708 m

Opt for the Fjord Marine Shuttle to avoid the steeper sections and for luggage transportation.

Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay
Entry fees ($) /

Circuit 7

This tour proposal offers the opportunity to get to our cycling route and experience a 7 days adventure that will take you from the Véloroute des Bleuets to the Véloroute du Fjord du Saguenay. Discover the area and its well-known landmarks on your bike and also by boarding some of our marine shuttles.

Day 1 – Chambord | Saint-Félicien (50 km)

Day 2 – Saint-Félicien | Dolbeau-Mistassini (57 km)

Day 3 – Dolbeau-Mistassini | Saint-Henri-de-Taillon (74 km avec possibilité d’ajout du parc de la Pointe-Taillon)

Day 4 – Saint-Henri-de-Taillon | Métabetchouan (59 km)

Day 5 – Métabetchouan | Chicoutimi (83 km)

Day 6 – Chicoutimi | Saint-Rose-du-Nord (44 km) | Cross to La Baie with La Marjolaine (Navettes maritimes du Fjord)

Day 7 – La Baie | Jonquière (30 km)